Wednesday, July 13, 2005

A 1371 view of the Great Pyramids

Another lovely extract from something written about Egypt in another era, this time by Jehan De Mandeville, or Sir John Mandeville, who compiled a travel book published by 1371, and written in French: "And now also I shall speak of another thing that is beyond Babylon, above the flood of the Nile, toward the desert between Africa and Egypt; that is to say, of the garners of Joseph, that he let make for to keep the grains for the peril of the dear years. And they be made of stone, full well made of masons’ craft; of the which two be marvellously great and high, and the tother ne be not so great. And every garner hath a gate for to enter within, a little high from the earth; for the land is wasted and fallen since the garners were made. And within they be all full of serpents. And above the garners without be many scriptures of diverse languages. And some men say, that they be sepultures of great lords, that were sometime". See the above page for the full extract and details about the rather mysterious author.

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