Saturday, July 02, 2005

Ancient Egypt Magazine - August/September Issue
A cover-image and some of the Contents of the next issue of Ancient Egypt Magazine are shown on the magazine's website, above, and are as follows:
Meryetamun at Akhmim
AE’s Egypt Correspondent, Ayman Wahby Taher, tells readers about a remarkable colossal statue, which has been found in a site infrequently visited by tourists.
The Oriental Museum in Durham
Karen Exell reviews this interesting ancient Egyptian collection for AE readers.
Rameses III and his Battles
Nicholas Wernick provides a useful summary for readers of the military campaigns of this great New Kingdom pharaoh.
Dressing Nefertiti
Have you ever wondered how the elaborate costumes used in historical dramas are created? Janet Johnstone, who has designed ancient Egyptian costumes for both TV and the cinema, tells the inside story for our readers.

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