Sunday, July 24, 2005

Curse of the pharaohs hits BBC drama,,2087-1706043,00.html
"The curse of Tutankhamun has struck the BBC. A series about the wonders of ancient Egypt has turned into what crew members describe as a 'fiasco in the desert', with an overspend of up to £3m. When the ambitious series was conceived, the BBC hoped its screening in the 2005 autumn schedule would help to clinch its case for a renewed royal charter and increased licence fee. It has instead caused bitter infighting and recriminations. . . . The BBC denies it could have foreseen the problems. It believes that from the moment the crew and cast set foot in Egypt they were hit by bad luck, including infectious diseases, bad weather and security problems". The article goes on to say that the six-hour series, shot at various locations in Egypt, will use the stories of Carter, Belzoni and Champollion to bring Egypt's past to life. See the Sunday Times article for more.
Also covered on the 24th July by the Telegraph:

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