Saturday, July 02, 2005

Grand Egyptian Museum
A very good summary of the planned Grand Egyptian Museum, its design, purpose and key attractions: "The museum master plan, unveiled on 22 June, is impressive. An enormous main courtyard extends toward the Pyramids like five fingers, each facilitating alternate tours through the 24-square-kilometer permanent exhibition space. The winning Henegan Ping design team looked to monuments and archaeological sites throughout Egypt for inspiration. . . . Computer animated simulations (illustrating scenes like Carter’s first glimpse of Tutankhamun’s tomb), a children’s learning center and special-needs access make the museum sound futuristic compared to the century-old Egyptian Museum in Midan Tahrir. But according to officials, preserving Egypt’s heritage for future generations is a top priority. . . . Since the museum is located at a crossroads of desert plateau and habitable fertile land, agricultural themes have been integrated into the overall plan. . . . The museum will link to the Pyramids via a tree-lined esplanade, through which tourists will be able to walk, take a shuttle bus or perhaps even negotiate a camel ride". See the article for more details, although there are no photos or plans.

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