Thursday, July 14, 2005

More on Khufu's burial chamber
A good summary of the current state of investigation into the Great Pyramid, focusing on the discovery of copper-handled doors in the so-called ventilation shafts. This article was written as a result of Zahi Hawass's recent lecture at the University of Pennsylvania's Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology in Philadelphia, where he discussed the work, past and future, to clarify the situation. He wishes to see if the shafts, which do not reach the outside of the pyramid, actually lead to an undisturbed burial chamber. Cameras will be sent back into the pyramid in October this year, although this time the images will not be transmitted live: "a robot built by the University of Singapore will return to the queen's chamber to see what lies behind the second and third doors. This drilling, Hawass says, will not be broadcast live, but rather the results will be announced afterwards in a press release".

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