Sunday, July 24, 2005

Queen Nefertiti moves
"One of art history's most beautiful women is moving to a new address this summer, marking the reunification of the Berlin Egyptian Museum's fabulous collection after more than six decades of division.The exquisite limestone bust of Queen Nefertiti forms the focal point of the collection, which re-opens to the public on August 13 in its new-old home at Berlin's Museum Island complex in the heart of the German capital". See more for a history of Nefertiti's travels to date.,1,3771175.story?coll=la-travel-headlines
This article by art critic Christopher Knight looks more at the museum itself than the bust: "An elegant cross between an ancient Greek temple and Rome's Pantheon, the Altes now houses extraordinary collections of Cycladic, Greek and Etruscan art, Scythian gold and some Roman art. (Egyptian art, including Nefertiti, will be temporarily housed on the second floor, starting Aug. 13.) The Greek vases are especially fine. No embarrassment intrudes on showing their full range of orgiastic, homoerotic and other playfully salacious painted scenes, which some museums shy away from. This nicely written piece also discusses the historical context of Berlin's collection.

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