Saturday, July 02, 2005

Theban Mapping Project Newsletter

The Theban Mapping Project sent out their latest newsletter yesterday 2nd July (to subscribe to their newsletter go to the above link). I can forward a copy of the message to anyone who wants it. The edited highlights from the newsletter are as follows:
  • Primary goal has been to produce a site management plan for the Valley of the Kings to ensure its projection against increased number of tourists, including temperature, humidity and dust management schemes
  • Plans for new visitor facilities are listed
  • Digital photography has been taking place to provide a record of the condition of the tombs, in tandem wity detailed conservation surveys of all surfaces. This will soon be available on the TMP website
  • Update on KV5 excavations including some of the wall paintings, and the newsletter contains the very latest site plan for KV5
  • Announcement of Kent Week's latest book "The Treasures of Luxor and the Valley of the Kings" is now available in Italian
  • A revised second edition of Week's book "KV5: A Preliminary Report" will soon be available.

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