Thursday, July 21, 2005

Tut's Tissue Box
The first item on this news round-up on the Artnet page above looks at some of the costs for visitors to the Tutankhamun exhibition. As well as the usual comments about standard and VIP ticket prices, it picks up on ticket touts and prices of tickets on Ebay, but more entertainly discusses some of the Tutankhamum gift-shop products available: " Let the art-world moralists worry about the Los Angeles County Museum of Art selling its birthright for a mess of King Tut pottage. All we can think about is the fantastic Tut-styled tissue box cover on sale in the exhibition gift shop! Priced at $24.95, the impeccably styled plastic replica is based on the boy-king’s gold-and-royal-blue sarcophagus, with the tissues emerging from a discreet opening positioned between his nose and his mouth. It can be purchased online at the special website for the show". See the article for more of the products available.

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