Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Author links bacteria and Egyptian symbols

Thanks to Tia for this one that I missed earlier in August: "Judy Kay King spent the last four years decoding ancient Egyptian symbols and interpreting the results through biosemiotics, a biological science of signs and messages in living systems. King's new book, The Isis Thesis, takes images found in ancient Egyptian artwork and compares them to the microscopic shapes of bacteria and viruses. Not only do many images match, King said, but the mythological stories are metaphors for the molecular biology of the bacteria and viruses . . . . King, who has a master's degree in English, has taught writing and literature, mythology and other classes at several colleges, including North Central Michigan College in Petoskey, Kirtland Community College in Roscommon and Davenport University centers in Traverse City and Gaylord. She took time off from teaching to complete her research at her rural Gaylord home . . . . King said her research often sounds more like science fiction than actual academic theory, but she's confident that it's more than coincidence that her idea is congruent to other scientific theories and both mythological and religious literature".
See the short article at the above URL for more details.

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