Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Avoiding the Pharaoh's Curse

"Thousands of Americans booked their tickets for an exhibition of Egyptian treasures in Dayton, Ohio. The number of persons who bought tickets to visit the exhibition The Queen for Immortality stood so far at 25,000. Director of the Modern Art Museum, which hosts the exhibition, expected the number to reach 400,000 by January; adding that the Americans fancy the ancient Egyptian civilization. The local press in Dayton urged US citizens to visit the exhibition to avoid the curse of the pharaohs. Some 141 artifacts representing the modern dynasty are displayed in the exhibition which will be opened for the public on Thursday. The exhibit includes: massive stone carvings, intricately painted sarcophagi and coffins, gold death masks, exquisite jewelry, stunning relieves, and artwork from Egypt's golden age, many items of which have never before been displayed outside of Egypt". This is the full State Information Service bulletin.

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