Friday, August 05, 2005

The Lord and the King
"The year 1923 was a turbulent one for Egypt that should (if we had a better grasp of history) sound fairly familiar today. That year, the constitution was promulgated after lengthy debate; rowdy elections had just closed; and the rift between King Fouad and nationalist leader Saad Zaghloul was widening. While foreign journalists are descending on Egypt this month to cover a similar basket of political issues, the reporters washing up on the nation’s shores in 1923 were less interested in current affairs in Cairo than they were in all things ancient. Their destination: Luxor, where they descended in droves for what most of them would later bill in their stories as the archaeological event of the century: The unlocking of the untouched tomb of King Tutankhamun, which had been discovered by archaeologists Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon".

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