Sunday, August 14, 2005

Nefertiti focus of German papers
"The reopening of Das Egyptische Museum und Papyrussamlung in Germany where the bust of Queen Nefertiti is exhibited was the focus of most German newspapers," reported the Middle East News Agency yesterday. Das Egyptische Museum will continue to exhibit the precious Egyptian relics until October 2009, said Berliner Zeitung newspaper. The relics will then be moved to another museum, it added. Another German newspaper said that the real birth date of Queen Nefertiti is 7th December 1912 when a German expedition team unearthed the bust of the beautiful queen in the Tal el-Amarna area and made her known to the world. The newspaper added that the bust of Queen Nefertiti was first exhibited in 1924. Since then Nefertiti has come to be known as part and parcel of Germany's Egyptian collection".
This is the entire State Information Service article.

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