Monday, August 29, 2005

The Second Door

Article on today's edition of the Egyptian Gazette website by Zahi Hawass about investigations of the "air shafts" in the Great Pyramid - nothing new here, but I have added it in case it is of interest. It is copied in its entirety because it will cease to be displayed very quickly, and there is no archive on the site - or at least, not that I've managed to find: "It was an important day in my life when we looked behind the secret door inside the Great Pyramid. This was inside the southern "airshaft" in the Queen's Chamber. The function of these airshafts was a mystery. Those leading from the King's Chamber to the outside of the pyramid might have been magical tunnels so that the soul of Khufu could travel to join the imperishable stars. But the shafts in the Queen's Chamber did not go to the outside, and now we had found this enigmatic door, or slab, blocking the southern shaft. There was great interest from all over the world. I had been in Hong Kong the month before, and everyone there was fascinated, and could not wait to see the investigation. They set up big screens everywhere so that people could see the National Geographic show at 8 am. We sent the robot into the shaft and it drilled a hole about 1.1 cm in diameter. But we did not put the camera in. We told the world that this great moment would be live, for everyone to see. I never thought that we would find evidence for Atlantis or aliens, but I truly did not know what to expect. My best guess was that there would be nothing there but empty space. This would be important, however, because even empty space inside the Great Pyramid could be very interesting for archaeologists. We made the TV programme live at 3 am Cairo time, which was 8 pm in the States and 8 am in China. We began by talking about the development of the pyramids, from the tombs of the Early Dynastic Period to the first pyramid, the Step Pyramid of King Djoser, to the first true pyramid, built by Khufu's father Sneferu. So we put the Great Pyramid into context, and showed that there were other pyramids before and after Khufu's.We sent the camera into the hole that had been drilled through the first door at 4:50 am Cairo time. Twenty-one centimeters behind this door was another limestone slab, this time without any handles. This was a very important discovery, and a big surprise to me."


Anonymous said...

I am interested in your blogs.

Anonymous said...

I am surprise at this late date that the secrets of the Great Pyramid are still a mystery to most. First of all there never was a capstone to the Great Pyramid and this can be demonstrably demonstrated from the first word of Genesis: Bereshith, which actually has incoded to it the secrets of the Giza Plateau's Sphinx and Pyramid complex.

Second of all each of the three chambers are to be considered separated and distinct from each other mathematically from a spacial point of view. Consider only the height, width, and length.

The King's chamber represent the #5 because it represents the squareroot of the #2: 1.4142 * 5 x 10 = 70.71. The height is 19'1", the width is 17'2", and the length is 34'4' (twice the width). Total these three figures and 70'7" is obtained. Coincidence? This chamber symbolically represents the Sun.

Whereas, the Queen chamber represents the squareroot of the #2: 1.4142 x 4 x 10 (Moon) = 56.568. The height is 20'5", the width is 17'2", and the length is 18'10", which totals to 56'5". Coincidence?

Finally the Subteranean chamber represents the underworld or the squareroot of the #2: 1.4142 x 6 x 10 = 84.852. The height is 11'6", the length is 46'0", and the width is 27'1", which totals to 84'7". This chamber has precisely from these calculation 1015", which is the precise amount of words in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th chapters of Genesis, which denotes the four months Persephone spends in Hell with Hades every year. Furthermore, these calculation in the Subterranean chamber coincides with the precise calculation is relations to the King & Queen chambers that the Inferno in La Divina Commedia has with La Paridiso and La Purgatorio. Coincidence? Hardly.

It is interesting this progression, isn't it?

Collectively their individual totals matches perfectly the entire mathematical structure of Dante Alighieri's (1265 - 1321) La Divina Commmedia. Now how did a 14th century writer know of the precise calculations of the Great Pyramid? The calculations of the King & Queen chambers divided by the whole equates perfectly percentagewise to the amount of verses in La Paradiso and La Purgatorio in relations to the entire amount of verses in La Divina Commedia.