Wednesday, September 21, 2005

CPAK 2005

I am always wary of including anything associated with "alternative" history, but as the following includes Graham Hancock and Robert Schoch, the subjects of the pyramids and the Sphinx are bound to come up, and may generate some publicity at the time, so here's the announcement from th CPAK website: "The Conference on Precession and Ancient Knowledge is an academic conference bringing together some of the greatest thinkers in Archaeo-Astronomy and Esoteric Archaeology to discuss the topic of precession, both from a modern and ancient perspective, hear arguments supporting a cyclical theory of civilization (tied to precession) and its possible causes, and highlight potential archaeological, mythological or astronomical evidence surrounding these theories. The mission of the conference is to develop a true dialog among experts in a wide range of fields to illuminate the ties between ancient cultures, mythology, and our ancestral knowledge of the stars". It takes place on November 11th and 12th in Sedona (Arizona, U.S.).

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Anonymous said...

The CPAK event looks interesting. Hancock is fascinating and Cruttenden's latest book Lost Star of Myth and Time is like a sequel to Fingerprints of the Gods. Should be good. Sedona anyone?