Thursday, September 15, 2005

Farouk Hosni offers resignation
It seems from this article that Farouk Hosni, the Culture Minister responsible for amongst other things the Supreme Council of Antiquities, has offered his resignation to Egypt's President: "Egypt's culture minister resigned Wednesday over a fire last week that killed 42 people at a state-run theater in a Nile River farming town south of Cairo. Farouk Hosni's resignation came after the detention Sunday of eight local Culture Ministry officials for questioning in the Sept. 5 fire, which began when an actor knocked over a candle on stage, setting alight paper decorations that covered the theater's walls and ceiling. The decorations blocked the theater's main exit, forcing some 150 people inside to try flee through one small door. Hosni presented his resignation to President Hosni Mubarak, the semiofficial Middle East News Agency reported. It was not immediately possible to reach Hosni for comment, and it was unclear if Mubarak accepted the resignation".
See the above Seattle PI website for a little more information.

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