Thursday, September 22, 2005

Italian Embassy symposium on tourism in Egypt
"Minister of Environment Maged George and Italy's Ambassador to Egypt Antonio Badini are to open on September 27 a symposium on promotion of tourism into Egypt under the rubrics of Other Egypt ...routes and new sites to develop tourism into Egypt. The symposium, to be held at Egyptian-Italian Center for Restoration and Antiquities, aims at exploring new avenues for cooperation between the embassy on one hand and the Egyptian authorities concerned and tour operators on the other to promote visits to sites not listed so far on the tourist map. A photo exhibition will be held on the sidelines of the symposium and samples of handicrafts will be displayed. The symposium will focus on aspects of Italian-Egyptian cooperation. The Italian embassy is involved in several projects in the governorate of Fayyoum, South Sinai, Siwa and parts of Upper Egypt. Those projects primarily aim at preserving the cultural and artistic heritage as well as at improving living conditions of the local communities".
This is the entire bulletin on the State Information Service website.

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