Thursday, September 29, 2005

Nesperennub at Houston Museum
It is nice to see that Nesperennub can still generate a few lines in the media. Mummy: the Inside Story opened at Houston Museum of Natural Science yesterday: "In the 3-D film Gathering Data From Mummies, the viewer flies through Nesperennub's digitally reconstructed spinal column, for example. Visitors will also view Nesperennub's inner sarcophagus, which contains his undisturbed mummy; the outer sarcophagus; and a photographic representation of the wrapped mummy with authentic amulet artifacts placed as they were on the body. Other galleries will feature a variety of Egyptian artifacts, including the 4-foot Head of Amenhotep III that was originally a part of a 26-foot statue outside a temple in Thebes". See the Houston Chronicle article above for the full story.
Location, times, ticket information and relevant lectures are also listed on this page.

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