Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Tutankhamun Sculpture at Stony Brook

An article looking at the head of Tutankhamun which is to be displayed shortly at Stony Brook (U.S.). The article provides a more detailed description of the sculpture than I have seen elsewhere, and details some of its history: "The yellow limestone head was previously owned by a renowned American collector, who purchased it prior to World War II. It remained in his private collection for well over sixty years, until his death. Remarkably, when this sculpture surfaced, it was completely overlooked. The small head, not mounted, lying on its side, went unnoticed. As Tutankhamun was portrayed in the guise of the moon god Khonsu, youngest member of a Theban triad, son of Amun and Mut, the highly esoteric form was one not so well known. This sculpture is an excellent example of the late Amarna style". The sculpture is also one of the few pieces to display the throne name of Tutankhamun. See the article on the South Bay News website for more.

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