Monday, September 12, 2005

Watch the sun vanish in Egypt...

"Diarise the date of March 29 2006 for this is the day on which there will be a total eclipse of the sun. Though it will be visible in various countries across the globe, in Africa it will be seen in Egypt, Benin, Chad, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Libya, Togo, Nigeria and Niger. Of these countries, Egypt is not only extremely accessible, but is regarded as one of the cradles of civilisation. It also has an ancient past mythologically linked with the sun. There are academics who argue that the Egyptian hieroglyph symbol "Akhet" has been incorrectly interpreted as meaning "horizon". They believe strongly, and back their claims, that Akhet means "solar eclipse". They also believe Karnak may have been a representation on Earth of the sun's heavenly habitation and that the huge pillars of the temples were massive physical man-made representations of the symbol Akhet."
See the article for a list of things you might wish to do whilst making a visit to Egypt to see the eclipse.

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