Thursday, October 06, 2005

It has recently been announced that AIGYPTOS, a free online database of Egyptological literature, formerly only available in German (top URL), is now also available in English (second URL). AIGYPTOS offers the following features:
  • Comprehensive processing of the publications in the field of Egyptology since the publication year 1978 (the database contains the literature stock of the Munich Egyptological Institute and that of the Special Collection Egyptology (Sondersammelgebiet Aegyptologie) of the University Library Heidelberg). At present the database comprises
    some 40.000 records
  • Comprehensive subject indexing of all materials by means of a standardized and detailed keyword system (now also available in English)
  • Monographs and as single articles from journals, periodicals or congress papers
  • High degree of topicality through continuous input of new publications
  • Easy and quick availability of the literature through a hyperlink to the literature delivery service of the University Library Heidelberg

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