Sunday, October 30, 2005

Digitized books from Brian Yare
I always post updates re magazine and journal publications when I know of them, because I believe that they are of interest to visitors, but I rarely post about any other commercial ventures - in spite of a number of requests to advertise tours. However, Yare Egyptology is an online store with a difference. Brian Yare has been established for many years, selling electronic publications of out of copyright books, many of them completely impossible to get hold of outside academic libraries. The books come on CD-Rom in either PDF or HTML format, and are fully hyperlinked for ease of navigation (For a demos of how they work go to The full cataloge is available on the above site, and new additions to the catalogue are posted at a Yahoo! group. To give you an idea of the sort of book available, here are three of the most recent additions to the catalogue, added in October: Norman de Garis Davies, The Tomb of Two Sculptors at Thebes (very rare and beautiful), Petrie, 1890, Kahun, Gurob, and Hawara (reports of his privately funded excavations), and Piehl, 1895 and 1903, Inscriptions Hiéroglyphiques Recueillies en Égypte, Series 3 (100 plates of hand-drawn inscriptions taken from museums in Europe and Egypt, with a commentary and translation in French).

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