Monday, October 31, 2005

He's no Tennessean
"Amid displays about Antebellum Nashville and how the state Capitol was built, the Tennessee State Museum features a haunting exhibit: A 3,600-year-old Egyptian mummy. Visitors strolling through the museum might find the mummy jarring, or at least out of place. Enclosed in a glass case, the mummy is unwrapped; the skin of his entire body is exposed. That skin appears leathery and taut against his skeleton. In a word, after being lulled by the heroic history of Daniel Boone and Andrew Jackson, it's downright scary . . . . The state museum, by and large, has not been pulled into a growing global debate over whether mummified remains and other cultural artifacts should be returned to the country of origin". And, umm, according to a psychic, the mummy's ghost didn't like moving premises. See more on The Tennessean website, above.

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