Saturday, October 22, 2005

Mummies exhibition travels to Australia
The exhibition Mummies: Ancient Egypt and the Afterlife is travelling to Australia shortly: "A large collection of rare Egyptian artefacts has arrived at the South Australian Museum. It includes a 2,700-year-old mummy known as "Keku" and around 250 other Egyptian objects, mostly from a Dutch antiquities collection. Australian Museum conservator Heather Bleechmore says the touring exhibition looks at ancient Egyptian rituals like the embalming of dead bodies 'And how the Egyptian embalmers as well as all the other workers were involved in that process, because it was an amazing part of Egyptian life,' she said. The museum is confident the collection will attract curious visitors. The museum's head of public programs, Mark Judd, says the it paid nearly $300,000 to host the exhibition in Adelaide. The exhibition opens next month, and is in Adelaide until February".
This is the entire news item on the ABC News web page, but more information is available at the South Australia Museum website, with some good photographs, at:

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