Thursday, October 27, 2005

PyramidCam - Capturing live images of the pyaramids

" The Pyramids of Egypt are arguably the most famous and grandest of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, yet only a small percentage of people have ever viewed them live -- until now. provides the first live view of these ancient and beautiful monuments, seen through the lens of a high definition network camera (". The ideas is that the webcam that lets you view the pyramids from your computer in the next best thing to real time. The PyramidCam website also has a page of the best photos taken by the webcam so far, sunset and sunrise times in Egyptian time. The introduction on the site lets you know which days are best to use the cam (less traffic smog on a Saturday and Sunday, for example), and which times and weather conditions are best: "When the weather is misty or foggy in the Nile Valley and the sun begins to warm the atmosphere and burn off that fog, Khufu and Khafre will slowly emerge out of the mist like two huge ships, tops appearing first - a viewing delight". Good fun. See both URLs for more information.
If you move your cursor over the webcam image, it will give you the opportunity to click through to a video of the last five minutes. For this to work you will need the Java Runtime Environment loaded on your machine - you can download it free at the following URL:


Peter Mc said...

Now this is why I click on next blog: may stumble across something fascinating andf informed like this rather than ads for golf equipment masquerading as a blog. Bookmarked.

Andie said...

Consider yourself a friend for life :-)

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