Tuesday, October 04, 2005

SGI masters the curse of the mummy

Quite a long piece looking at the SGI unwrapping of the child mummy Sherit. This is probably the most detailed description both of the SGI process and the results of the analysis of Sherit that I have found so far: "Two thousand years ago in the sands of Egypt, grieving parents put their tiny child to rest in a way that was customary even during the time of Christ. They removed all of the youth's organs except for the heart, packed the remains in salt to cure them and wrapped them in linen coated with perfumed resin. Like all Egyptians of the age, they were certain that their careful efforts would prepare their loved one to someday come back to life. Today in Silicon Valley, a team of world-renowned experts proved those parents right — although the mummy's high-tech resurrection may not quite be what ancient Egyptians had in mind". See the above URL for the full story.

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