Saturday, October 29, 2005

Trivia: Interactive BBC
"BBC news: the Corporation is offering a red-button application to accompany its new historical drama-documentary series, "Egypt," which traces how the mysteries of ancient Egypt were uncovered by three renowned Egyptologists: Howard Carter, The Great Belzoni, and Jean-Francois Champollion. The application, which is available on all the UK's major digital TV platforms after each of the series' six episodes, presents viewers with a mystery game that expands on the story of the curse of Tutankhamun. The game introduces viewers to Count Louis Hamon (an actual historical figure) who is seeking to lift the curse, and sets them a number of challenges to help him do so. The challenges involve tracing the origins of a 'mystical mummified hand' and reuniting the ashes of the hand with a sacred mummy. At the same time, however, viewers have to determine whether Hamon is a genuine mystic, as he claims to be, or a charlatan. The app requires viewers to use the number keys on their remote to choose between various options, in order to unlock the next stage of its narrative. The BBC says that viewers who successfully navigate the app will be able to win "an exclusive scarab if they dare to take on 'the curse.'" "

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