Saturday, October 22, 2005


A couple of odds and ends of trivia from the last couple of weeks:

Mummy robs bank:
"A bank robber dressed as an Egyptian mummy staged a successful raid on a bank in Vienna. The bandage-clad robber walked into a bank in the Austrian capital and stood in line waiting to be served. He then passed the cashier a piece of paper saying he had a hand grenade hidden in his bandages - and demanded all the money. He then quietly walked out with a bag filled with cash before police could arrive".

The Shadow of Aten:
"The Shadow of Aten isn't due until the last quarter of 2007. That's at least two years away. Yet here we are, with screenshots and information. Ridiculous, isn't it?It's being developed for Xbox 360 and PC by new Spanish sorts Silicon Garage Arts, who seem quite keen to make the game a bit intellectual. It's set in Egypt of the 1930s, and based around the god Aten, the first attempt at monotheism (worshiping just one god, for the benefit of the hard of thinking) by the pharaoh Akhenaten. Various materials will be provided with the game, giving background information on related matters, all endorsed and sponsored by the History Channel and the Louvre.The game itself, we're assured, will 'have non-stop action, suspense, mystery and provide a high degree of entertainment whilst also providing an indepth knowledge of ancient Egypt.' More specifically, free-form combat will feature, as will platforming, puzzles, vehicles and mini-games".

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