Friday, October 21, 2005

Visiting the sites of Minya
A travel article looking at what the Minya area has to offer visitors, taking in the archaeology in some detail. Particular sites focused on are the 11th Dynasty tombs of Beni Hassan (with some good descriptions of tomb construction and decoration) and Ptolaemaic Touna al-Gebel (East Hermopolis): " The following morning I headed to Beni Hassan, a half-hour ride on the Eastern bank of the Nile. The area is named after a Bedouin tribe which used to live there, probably a few centuries after it was part of the Middle Kingdom's Oryx nome. Climbing up the steps to the mountain tombs is quite a workout, especially if you go when the sun is on full blast. A hat and a few bottles of cool water are an utter necessity for this exhausting hike. When you reach the top of the cliff you realise that your efforts did not go in vain."
22nd October 2005
Many thanks to my Official Nitpicker Chris Townsend for pointing out that this article, which I posted yesterday, is actually 3 weeks old. For some reason, I've only just picked up on its existance. Hopefully it will be new to one or two readers as well.
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