Sunday, November 13, 2005

Another pyramid-shaped hotel

First there was the Luxor in Vegas - now we are to have the Raffles Hotel in Dubai, designed in the form of a pyramid to compliment the Egyptian-themed Wafi City Mall: "Back in the early 1990s a pyramid-shaped hotel was planned to complement Wafi City’s Egyptian-themed mall. Work began on the piling for the structure but was stopped due to the outbreak of the first Gulf War. But 15 years later, construction work has recommenced on the Wafi site, in the form of Dubai’s first Raffles hotel . . . . Such is the attention to detail that the project even has its own Egyptologist on board — Dr Mahmoud Mabrook, a senior member of the archaeological museum in Cairo. He is being consulted on the hieroglyphics on the project, which all have an authentic meaning".
See the ITP business website, above, for the full story.

To see what the hotel will look like see the following URL (you will need Flash 6.0 installed, and be warned - there is music).

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