Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Auction of 86 antiquities halted

"The hammer didn't fall. The Attorney General has contacted authorities in Germany to put a stop to the auctioning of 86 Egyptian antiquities. It was thought that they were going to be purchased by an American dealer for export to the USA. It was the Egyptian Ambassador in Berlin who warned colleagues back home in Egypt and a team from the Supreme Council of Antiquities flew to Germany to recover the precious artifacts. The antiquities had been smuggled out of the country by brothers Farouq and Mohammed el-Shaer, Abdel-Karim Abu Shanab and others, who were recently sentenced to up to 15 years with hard labour by Cairo Criminal Court for smuggling offences. Since starting its major campaign, the SCA has managed to retrieve over 31,000 antiquities that have been smuggled out of the country since the 19th century".
This is the full bulletin on the Egyptian Gazette.

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