Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Ebay - Naqada II vase

"One of these occasional oddities that crops up on Ebay (the last one I recall was the head of an Amarna princess of disputed authenticity). This one is a Naqada II vase is being offered for sale, along with antiquities from Luristan (Iran): "Rare Egyptian Nagada II Period Red Pottery Vessel C.1650 BC.Size 12 inches high 6 inches diameter (30.5 cm high) Condition: minor repair at the top of the vessel. This is a huge vase real big and rare to get them this size. The red pottery vase on the lower part with black color toward the top. Great item. Choice patina".


Anonymous said...

This is disgusting, as well as ushabtis and bronzes, they even have a Predynastic figurine for sale as well. It gives some random provenance of a west coast collector. This raping of ancinet Egyptian heritage must be stopped. There are also Iraqi and other items on this website, which also have dubious authenticity. Collectors of such items do not know how much damage they do, for when an item is ripped from the ground it has limited archaeological value, and becomes just something to look at, to own like a trophy.

Andie said...

It's not just Egyptian stuff that is being sold on Ebay, Tass - you should see some of the items that are sold on a regular basis by commerical outlets that may or may not be legitimate. It makes your head spin. I don't know anything about the organization putting up the items for sale in this particular Ebay advert, but it again raises the question of how the sale of ancient artefacts, the markers of world heritage, should be protected.