Friday, November 18, 2005

Egypt to recover 100 stolen antiquities
"Egypt is to recover more than a 100 stolen antiquities, smuggled out by a massive trafficking ring, from the United States, Canada and Germany.Some of the antiquities were located after Egypt's largest-ever trafficking trial in August, which led to heavy prison sentences for seven people, antiquities chief Zahi Hawwas told the official Mena news agency on Thursday.He said members of his Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA) had found some of the missing pieces on the websites of several auctioneers across the world. Hawwas explained that the pieces to be recovered from Germany has been seized by police as they were being sold to a buyer in the United States. Some stolen pharaonic antiquities were intercepted upon arrival in the United States at a San Francisco airport, while others were seized from an auction room in Canada, he added. Hawwas did not elaborate on the nature of the stolen pieces nor did he specify when they would be returned. He explained that the pieces to be recovered were smuggled out through a major trafficking operation masterminded by two Egyptian antiquities dealers.
Mohammed al-Shaer was sentenced to 55 years in jail for trafficking antiquities, corruption and encouraging SCA officials to forge documents. A relative, Faruq al-Shaer, was sentenced to 42 years for illegal possession and trafficking of antiquities".
This is the full item on the Egytian Election website.

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