Sunday, November 27, 2005

Luxor Update

Jane Akshar has updated her excellent Luxor Blog with some upto the moment news regarding development plans for Luxor: "Luxor recently held a big conference to discuss the future plans for the area. The conference was attended by all the leaders in the public and security sector.

Dr Samir Farag declared at the conference he wanted everyone to understand the big picture of the master plan for the future of Luxor. There will be a number of projects that have the intention of putting Luxor in a new position on the tourism map. There are more than 25 of these projects and they cover tourism, social development, cultural works and economic development. The planning process for these projects has been finished and the money has been allocated. Some 275 billion pounds is available for 20 projects from the master plan".

For examples of some of the project under discussion, and more information, see Jane's entry at the above URL.

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