Sunday, November 13, 2005

The Nile in Style,,2100-1866972,00.html
A two-page travel article by Andrew Thomas about choosing to cruise the Nile by felucca instead of cruise ship: "Travelling by felucca is a mixture of sailing with the wind, drifting with the current and (when both drop away) impromptu rowing, with planks used as oars. Herons and egrets swooped at our bow, and at night we moored alongside sand islands and among reeds and coots. We slept like sardines across the deck and woke at dawn to see the real things darting through the water just inches from our heads. The days — three aboard, though it seemed like more — were lazy and long, spent reading, talking and watching river life go by. While most of the big cruise ships passed in the night, occasionally one would chunter past by day, its passengers looking down at us and we up at them. They were the ones with cameras in hand, we being the more photogenic. Being photogenic comes at a price, of course".
See the above article for the full story on The Times website.

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