Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Petrie's Researches in Sinai: Dates
This is the chapter from WM Flinders Petrie's Researches in Sinai in which he attempts to tie the Egyptian dynasties into the calendar: " The work at Sinai has brought to light one monument of chronological importance, and has called attention to another such record; and as no account of the present knowledge of Egyptian chronology is generally available, it seems well to give here an outline of the materials before us, the mode of applying them to the question, and the main results for the history of Egypt. As this is a subject which involves some things not commonly known, it is but natural that many people — even of those acquainted with Egyptian matters — should set it aside as being too intricate or too uncertain to be profitably considered. Yet every one has some interest in the whole question of whether Menes founded the kingdom of all Egypt five thousand years before Herodotos, or at only half that distance of time; and any one who has to deal at all with history requires some workable series of dates for reference".
It was scanned from the original 1906 edition of Flinders Petrie's Researches in Sinai (John Murray, London) and put into HTML by Peter Meyer, and was checked back against the original. See the above URL for the full chapter

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