Sunday, November 20, 2005

Preparing for Tutankhamun

An article on the Orlando Sentinel about the preparations that need to be made for such an important exhibition: "In preparation for what is slated to be its largest venture to date, Fort Lauderdale's museum closed its doors last month and began an extensive overhaul of its interiors and facade. A tour of the museum earlier this week revealed a hive of workers brandishing drills and hammers, and the thick smell of wood and plaster . . . . The new exhibition space and retail shop will comprise 22,000 square feet: almost all of the main galleries of the first and second floor. Renovations include a new roof and air conditioning, a mini-theater screen and an abundance of new walls and doorways. The exterior has a new coat of paint and prodigious stucco work. Apart from construction crews, 70 admaintenance and security workers have been hired and 300 positions created to serve Tut".
See the above web page for more about the preparations being carried out and the costs involved.

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