Sunday, November 13, 2005

Tethys Geological Society

I realize that this may be of only minor interest to most visitors, but anyone interested in the geology and early prehistory of Egypt, in particular of the Faiyum and southern Western Desert, may be interested in the abstracts on this page. The following extract is taken from Ted Maxwell's abstract for his lecture entitled Climatic Cycling And Its Effect On Landscape Modification in Southern Egypt: "The “radar rivers” of the sand sheet add complexity to the drainage history, as several scales and directions of flow can be inferred, but multiple generations of incomplete channel remnants are now superposed. Sorting out the effects of Quaternary climate change on the Late Tertiary landscape of southern Egypt will require much more dating of exposures and deposits, as well as much additional work on drainage basin morphology".
For the full abstract, other abstracts, and details of the full lecture series, see the Tethys Geological Society's web page.

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