Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Vida y muerte en el Antiguo Egipto

A new exhibition opened on the 24th November in the Caixa Nova Cultural Centre in Vigo, Galicia (Spain), entitled 'Vida y muerte en el Antiguo Egipto. Del arte faraónico al faro de Alejandría' (Life and death in Ancient Egypt. From the art of the Pharaohs to the lighthouse of Alexandria). A rough translation of the above item is as follows. The exhibtion runs from 24th November until approximately the 8th January 2006, and consists of 300 artefacts amalgamated from private Spanish collections. The exhibition covers the history of egypt from its origins until the Graeco-Roman period with some Coptic artefacts and a collection of 17 depictions of the first explorers who arrived with Napoleon, as well as later European travellers. Standing out amongst the items are a reconstruction of the lighthouse of Alexandria based on available data, which was carefully researched. There are also three wooden sarcophagi, vaious animal mummies, jewellry, amulets, statues, funerary reliefs and a video on Egypt in the age of Cleopatra.
For the article, expressed rather more elegantly in the original Spanish, see the above web page.

A longer article, also in Spanish, with a photograph of the above-mentioned lighthouse reconstruction can be found at http://tinyurl.com/bb7ua (on the Faro de Vigo website).

A couple of photographs of exhibits are also shown on the Cultural Centre's website at http://www.caixanova.es/ (click on the photograph of the mummy in the far right menu bar to navigate to the correct page, and then click on the individual thumbnails to see the bigger photograph).

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