Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Alexandria Open Air Museum

"Pharaonic antiquities pulled from the Mediterranean will go on show in the coastal city of Alexandria in an open-air museum that is to open in the New Year, Egyptian culture officials said on Sunday. Located on the grounds of the Roman Amphitheatre, the museum will show 39 stone items, the most important of which is an obelisk from the era of Seti I who ruled in the 19th Dynasty. Other artifacts on display are a 6.5m statue of a woman, a group of small sphinxes and stone friezes with hieroglyphic carvings. The items were pulled out of the sea in 1999 just off Alexandria's coast. The area, which scientists believe suffered an earthquake in the 6th century that submerged parts of the city as well as three neighbouring cities, is thought to be a treasure trove of Greek and Roman artifacts as well.Since the opening of the Alexandria Library in 2002, the coastal city has become increasingly popular with tourists."
This is the entire item on the Cape Times website.

Also featured briefly on the Monsters and Critics website:

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