Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Ancient Egypt Magazine - December/January Issue
Editor Bob Partridge has announced the contents for the the latest issue of 'Ancient Egypt' (December 2005/January 2006), which includes the following articles:
- Sphinxes in ancient Egypt: AE looks at the many sphinxes made in ancient Egypt, from the Great Sphinx at Giza right up to Greek and Roman times.
- Replicating and Egyptian relief: How an important relief of Thutmose I, now in Liverpool, was copied exactly using the latest technology.
- A Lion of Amenhotep III: In a corner of the citadel in Cairo, sits a forgotten lion of Amenhotep III, similar to others already published.
- The temple of Ptah at Karnak: Charlotte Booth visits the small an interesting temple of Ptah (built by Thutmose III with later additions) overlooked by most visitors to the great temple of Karnak.
- Ancient Egyptian Medicine. George Burden MD, discovers that ancient Egyptian Doctors knew more about their subject than most people probably realise.
- Mummies at the movies: Mark Walker looks at the mummy as portrayed in films in the last century and at the real mummies and stories which inspired the film makers.
- Black Athena: Janet Robinson sees the concept as opening up the world of ancient Egypt to many who may have felt excluded in the past.
- The Baron's Palace. A brief look at one of Cairo's more unusual monuments.
- Per Mesut: for younger readers, looks at multiplication tables,
ancient Egyptian style.

Book reviews:
- Divine Creatures: Animal mummies in Ancient Egypt, Edited by Salima Ikram
- Discussions in Egyptology 61, Edited by Alessandra Nibbi
- The Sculptor's Models of the Late and Ptolemaic Periods by Nadja Tomoum
- Egypt: How a Lost civilization was Rediscovered, by Joyce Tyldesley
- Nothing new Under the Sun, by Kay Bellinger.
- La Valle dei Riscoperta: I giornali di scavo di Victor Loret (The valley of the Kings rediscovered: the excavation journals of Victor Loret), by Patrizia Piacentini and Christian Orsenigo.
- Women Travellers in the Near East, Edited by Sarah Searight.
- Egypt at its Origins: Studies in memory of Barbara Adams. Edited by S. Hendrickx, R.F. Friedman, K.M. Cialowicz and M. Chlodnicki.

Plus all the usual features.

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