Saturday, December 31, 2005

Ancient Egyptian New Year greeted with Dance and Beer

"Many ancient Egyptians marked the first month of the New Year by singing, dancing and drinking red beer until they passed out, according to archaeologists who have unearthed new evidence of a ritual known as the Festival of Drunkenness. During ongoing excavations at a temple precinct in Luxor that is dedicated to the goddess Mut, the archaeologists recently found a sandstone column drum dating to 1470-1460 B.C. with writing that mentions the festival."
See the Discovery web page above, for the full story.


Homo Insapiens said...

I always was a big fan of the Goddess Mut. As to the red beer, the bloody Irish did manage to get around in the ancient world! Some things never change.

All best regards and a Happy New Year to you!

Andie said...

A very happy year to you too, Kevin. You're a terror :-)