Friday, December 09, 2005

Auctions at Christies, New York

Some ancient Egyptian items are to go under the hammer today from the Harer Family Trust Collection: "An Egyptian black granite standard bearing the statue of Queen Nefertari is the centerpiece of Egyptian Art from the Harer Family Trust Collection. It dates as far back to 1224 BC when Nefertari's husband Rammesses the second ruled. It could sell for two million dollars. . . . Another highlight is an Egyptian limestone statue of Ka-nefer and his family. Ka-nefer is depicted with his wife and son on a smaller scale by his feet. It dates back to 2323 BC and could go for 1.5 million dollars".
Greek and Roman items will also go on sale. For more details, including the full photographic catalogue with some lovely pieces shown, see

Also today, another auction is scheduled including Greek, Roman and Egyptian antiquities. Egyptian antiquities date from the Predynastic onwards. For the full photographic catalogue, which again includes some lovely pieces, see:

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