Friday, December 09, 2005

Dig Days: Queen Sofia of Spain

Zahi Hawass's Dig Days column in the Al Ahram Weekly this week describes Zahi's four meetings with the Queen of Spain: "Queen Sofia told me she had heard about my discovery of the tombs of the Pyramid builders, which proved that the Pyramids were built by Egyptians. The king and queen asked to see the excavation. At first I thought the visit would never happen because the security authorities did not want to accommodate the queen on the grounds that they could not secure the area because in order to get to the site we needed to pass through the village of Nazlet Al-Samman. The queen, however, insisted on seeing the site, so we left the media behind and went ahead to the excavation of the tombs of the Pyramid builders." See the full item on the Al Ahram Weekly website for more.

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