Friday, December 23, 2005

Immortal Pharaoh - until January 8th

Those of you keen to see the above exhbition have until January 8th. An artilce on the Glasgow Herald provides an overview: " The exhibition begins on the upper floors of the gallery, taking you through the period of the New Kingdom and its deeply complex funerary rites and beliefs. In contrast with many Egyptian shows, the design is unfussy, bold rooms painted in single strong colours; objects sitting alone and well-lit in immaculate cases. There are fairly complex wall texts, but the priceless artefacts are still allowed to speak for themselves: tiny deities, tomb stelae and the tiny ba-bird, which was an essential element of the human soul.For children, the highlights will be two larger and more spectacular objects: an elaborately painted coffin from the 21st dynasty, deteriorated on the outside but richly decorated within, showing the Goddess of the West and the Coffin of Lady Tahai from 950 BC. In style, this is a huge change from the kinds of King Tut tack and over- ornamentation that many family exhibition designs favour these days, but then Immortal Pharaoh has impeccable credentials".

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