Saturday, December 17, 2005

More Tutankhamun (Sun Sentinel)
Overview and visitor impressions: "Meade, like many visitors, mistakenly believed that the current show is smaller than the 70s exhibit. It's not. There were just 55 objects in the first show. This one has more than 130, but there is less emphasis on the "treasures" and more on Tut and his family". (Sun Sentinel)
A visit by the arts writer to the exhibition: " The Tut exhibit at Fort Lauderdale's Museum of Art follows this tack: Visitors enter a small foyer for a quick 90-second mini-flick introducing them to the show. A soundtrack of soft chanting and bells is heard. The initial gallery, "Egypt Before Tut," offers statues of lioness and serpent goddesses, ancient model boats set against a wallpapered backdrop of dunes and rivers and the green scrub that fringes Egypt's deserts. The spell is cast, but its force doesn't take hold until one arrives at the entrance to the underworld. Yes, it sounds dramatic, and it most certainly is". (Palm Beach Post)
Overview and visitor impressions (

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