Friday, December 09, 2005

Opening the Tomb of Petamenophis and more

More about the latest news in Luxor from the wonderful Jane Akshar: "Over the last two years, a team from the University of Strasbourg, led by M. Traurecker, has been clearing the first three chambers of this huge tomb and it has just now been opened for a first official viewing. The opening was attended by many important officials from the Supreme Council and other archaeologists working in the area, such as Francesco Tiradritti. The next stage will be the cleaning, restoration and conservation of the tomb. It has important texts such as the Book of the Dead which need to be studied. In fact it is one of the most important, if not the most important, source for sacred texts during the period of Egyptian history".
See Jane's article, above, for the full details.

Jane also reports this week about the opening of Esna and Dendera to Luxor boat traffic:
"Rumour has it that any day now the authorities are going to change the rules and allow the felucca sailing boats and motor boats to go from Luxor to both Esna and Dendera. This is excellent news. As well as giving an alternative route to these locations it means you can view the sites there without limitation of time and away for convoy timings."
I'll post again when Jane has more information, which she promises to post to her blog.

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