Thursday, December 29, 2005

Tales of the Crypts (Sun Sentinel)
Travel piece mainly about visiting the Valley of the Kings and the Giza pyramids: "Egyptologists and other would-be experts are waving the tourist crowds away from Tutankhamun's tomb, describing it as an extra-cost disappointment. And sure enough, if this were Palm Beach, it would be like paying a $20 premium to scope out Mar-a-Lago's carriage house.Many of us make the trip anyway for bragging rights -- and it's the only tomb with a body in it. Sam Guy, an experienced traveler among our group, says that back home near Atlanta, neighbors will be more interested in his tale of Tut's tomb than the huge and more renowned Seti I caverns we just climbed through. We make a final visual scan, and huff our way back up to the surface, where humidity is only 15 percent and the sweat dries off our bodies and clothes in minutes."
See the above URL for the full two-page story.

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