Wednesday, January 18, 2006

More on auction purchases

I don't know why these have been featured so late in the day, but this article looks at December's auction purchases of Old Kingdom items. I include it in case anyone missed the items the first time round: "The Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth, Texas, set a world record when it bought this ancient Egyptian limestone sculpture at auction Dec. 9. Extraordinarily, earlier in the same sale, another statue, a granite figure, also set a record for an Egyptian antiquity, when it sold for $2,256,000. But the granite figure didn't hold that record for long. It was spectacularly overtaken by this Group Statue of Ka-nefer and His Family, which sold for $2,816,000. According to inscriptions, this tomb sculpture represents the Overseer of Craftsmen, Priest of Ptah, His wife, the Royal Confidant, Tjen-tety, and His son, the Overseer of Craftsmen, Khuwy-ptah. Characteristically,the wife and son are shown smaller. Relative size indicates importance. These two smaller figures affectionately embrace the larger one's legs."
See the above web page for more. There's a nice photo of the Ka-nefer statue on the page.

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