Wednesday, January 11, 2006

New museums for all

"In an attempt to preserve Egypt's priceless treasures, both stored and newly-discovered, to create the best environment to display them and to release the pressure in some overstuffed museums, the Ministry of Culture has placed Egypt's museums at the top of its priorities. This year will witness the inauguration of up to five new regional and national museums and the re- opening of three others after restoration and development to bring them up to international standards".
The article gives details of the new Grand Museum of Egypt, now under construction, a museum of objects recovered from under water in Alexandria, development work at the Graeco-Roman Museum in Alexandria, the Rashid National Museum, teh Al-Arish National Museum, the Coptic Museum in Cairo, and the National Museum of Egyptian Civilisation.

A more detailed discussion of the Grand Museum of Egypt, plus other museums including the existing Egyptian Museum of Antiquities in Cairo, can be found on the ECHO website at:

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