Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Peruvian artist makes Egypt inspired sculptures

"Júlio César is a Peruvian artisan and has been working with sculptures and pictures based on the historic Egyptian culture in Brazil for over 40 years. The Egyptian items, made out of stone, show gods and pharaohs of Ancient Egypt. Khafra, a pharaoh who reigned between 2520 and 2494 BC and was responsible for the construction of the second largest Egyptian pyramid, became a picture sculpted by Júlio César. Ramesses II, the most famous Egyptian pharaoh, who reigned between 1290 and 1223 BC, became a statue. The sculptor's favourite image, however, among those of the Egyptians, is that of Akhenaten". Sadly, although there is a nice photo of the artist, there is none of his work. See the above web page for the full story.

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